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Feke-Myeko Attorneys

About Us
Feke-Myeko Attorneys is a seasoned legal firm with more than 10 years combined legal services experience, initially established as a commercial law firm to provide effective, efficient and quality legal services to meet the distinctive needs of its business clients. It has since expanded to cover various legal fields as will be apparent in subsequent paragraphs. The firm operates with qualified attorneys supported by well experienced personnel.

Our Vision

• To always be the best legal firm to be considered for any major litigation in South Africa
• To be distinguished from our competitors through consistently achieving excellent and unsurpassed results.
• To professionally deal with each case as if it were the first and the last
• To always be the foremost African law firm with lasting and sustained depths of legal talent and expertise.

Our Mission

• To continuously invest in the latest computer systems and software to enhance our legal research and operational knowledge base;
• To continuously build and invest into lasting and trusted relationships with our clients;
• To prudently identify, employ and retain talented, inspired and diligent legal professionals and support staff with a view to grow the practice and empower them to greater heights in their careers;
• To continuously advance the B-BBEE imperatives within our sphere of operation as a strong contributor to the empowerment of citizens of South Africa;

Client Focus

To fully understand our clients’ requirements, challenges, objectives and goals and to maximize the value of our services to our clients including safeguarding the security and confidentiality of their information







Credibility: We are a credible law firm whose record of dealing with clients has never been tainted by any improper conduct. We remain honest, trustworthy, respectful & ethical in our dealings with clients. We honour our commitments & we hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Our focus is on client satisfaction & understanding their requirements, challenges, objectives, goals & safeguarding the security & confidentiality of their information. We have dealt with cases which our clients have entrusted on us, to the best of our ability - with a high degree of astuteness & professionalism.
Relevant skills: We have highly qualified personnel, with an assortment of skills & expertise which makes every task assigned to us easy to carry out. Our teams are not only made up of legal practitioners, but we have also attracted staff with knowledge of finances, business management, project management, development & planning expertise. Some of our staff members have vast experience of the public & private sector who also understand exactly the significance of a professional - prompt delivery of services to clients.
• Dealings with clients: We are aware that our clients seek a broader set of skills in our client service & more innovative business-focused approaches in addition to technical legal expertise. For such reason, we have structured our law firm in such a manner that we weave together legal expertise with other non-legal fields for the benefit of our clients. We have taken this progressive & bold approach to step away from the traditional model of law firms just to accommodate wide ranging business needs of our clients.

Systems: We have the necessary systems to enable us to execute any legal services assigned to us. We have a workflow system that works as follows:
  • It initiates process requests, enables us to see items that need immediate action & facilitates the completion of tasks.
  • It tracks process performance and monitors key performance indicators.
  • It easily tracks bottle necks in the workflow and monitor process efficiency.
  • The system is available anywhere anytime

Interest in the business of our clients: We are inspired in solving our country’s governance problems & not much on challenging those decisions unless it is fundamentally crucial to do so. Our approach is simple: as legal practitioners we understand that not every challenge of governance need be solved through the courtroom. We adopt a stance to rather assist and support where necessary before consideration of legal action. Our approach is that of seeking durable solutions which are equally beneficial to government & to the beneficiaries of government services.

Image: We do our utmost best to constantly improving the image of our business to be more in tune with the client’s changing tastes & desires. We take careful consideration of who our target population is to enable us to consistently build an image around that market. We consistently uphold an image that guarantees our clients do not feel embarrassed associating with us.

Personality: The personality of our business is friendly & one that our clients feel comfortable with. We have staff that understands the importance of acting swiftly on the client’s needs.
  • We are fully determined to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves for every project that we undertake.
  • We have a high level of confidence that enables us to get the job done even under the most stressful conditions. We understand that big challenges breed big rewards. This is the same mentality that allows us to spot an opportunity where most have just seen a possible challenge. We do not focus on the challenges rather on the finish line and the end reward.
  • We always yearn to acquire new knowledge in other fields outside the legal practice. We realize that for us to remain relevant we need to venture into new fields. We also realize that industries constantly change & evolve and only those that are also growing through constant learning always stay ahead.

Service: The underlying ingredient of our practice’s customer service is purely to provide legal solutions to client’s legal problems. We consequently and at all times, strive to introduce innovative ways of improving & simplifying the delivery of our legal services to clients. Like any other sector that keeps developing, the delivery of legal services is also evolving thus necessitating the introduction of new features such as technology, to mention but a few, to assist in offering a prompt service. For this reason, we have begun taking steps to implement innovative technologies to keep our competitive edge and to ease communication with clients. Mobility for us is now an essential element of our success and that of our clients to ensure better service, speedy access to documents and to edit them without delay. The easier our attorneys access & edit documents on the go, the quicker it is to respond to clients.

Uniqueness: we are different from some of the attorney’s practices because of the uniqueness of our services. We run our practice as a business with focus on client needs and desires. We can find no assuring way to attract customers than to offer something they can’t get elsewhere: which is what we have decided to do when we added a business element into our law firm.

Expertise and experience: We offer a broad spectrum of legal services on significant & complex issues that face our clients. Our attorneys work in virtually every area of legal practice they are assigned to by clients. We realize that the effectiveness of our legal responsibilities depends upon the continued recruitment & hiring of excellent and diverse legal talent. We recognize the need for attorneys of varied backgrounds and skills & intend to offer an environment that ensures we effectively serve our clients diligently & professionally.

Project planning: we are determined & ready to implement any project that is assigned to us hence we understand the importance of thorough planning. There are four (4) reasons that persuade us to plan our projects in this fashion:
  • A project plan functions, at the outset, as a firm reality check in alerting us to pertinent issues such as total cost & potential pitfalls before committing to the business.

  • Scheduling: we prepare a fairly accurate project schedule which allows us to understand the true time commitment each service requires to be completed.
  • Resource Requirements: Projects typically call for financial, material & human resources. Understanding these resource requirements better equip us in making a decision about how we move forward.

Coherence: we believe that proper planning encompasses the ability to keep all players including client on the same level of understanding to ensure everyone remains clear on the goals and the expected path to achieve the goals.

Our Contacts


102 LAPA Building
380 Bosman Street
Pretoria 0001
South Africa


012 000 5546 /7
Emergency Tel: 0837655547 
Fax : 086 503 1766